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Women’s are encouraged to improve financially by forming women development team which helps them to form a group to have the SHG (Self help group) where they can save money monthly to improve in their financial problems through this SHG groups, with the help of financial groups they have been helped to start small business and that has been helping them to improve in their financial needs. Every week conducting the meetings and awareness programs to get improved on their self confidence and regular counselling are done for the women’s who are facing family issues. SHG groups are formed in different area like

Mylapore/Pattinappakkam/Mandaveli/Porur/Kovur/Mangadu/Thiruvetriyur/Koyambedu/Valasar avakkam/Vysarpadi.Morethan 500 SHG groups are formed. More than 2600 Family counselling has been given and Health and Medical counselling given for more than 4500 women’s regarding self cleaning/Environmental cleanliness/HIV/STI/Airborne Infections/Healthy foods trainings are provided on regular basis.

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