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About Us

About Us

Bharathi institute of Health & Science One of best health and science institute in Chennai at past 6 years. The people with fundamental beliefs of earnestness and humane worry for the debilitated and enduring; for all intents and purposes arranged and gifted for inventiveness and expeditiousness. 
Continuous Assessment of the students in both the theory and Inservice programme insists upon the students self responsibility and increased motivation levels for better performance in the periodic written test, ViVa, Lab diaries and seminars. Periodic students evaluation and feedback of parents at the Parent -Teachers Meets, Mentor- Student meet and parents informal rapport ensure the essential modern day parent-teacher-student connectivity for the holistic growth of the student
All students are members of either one of the houses-Norwood, Ross, Fontan or Glen imbibing in the students team spirit conflict management, and healthy competition among students of linguistics, religious and economic diversity Debates, Elocution, Quiz competition, Music, Song , Dance, Art and sports contests nurture and give opportunities of expression to the latent talents of our students

Welcome to Bharathi Institute Of Health & Sciences

  • Bss certificate will be issued

  • Registrations will be done in employment office.Free basic computer & spoken English  Class Training. 

  • Both Male Female Students can Apply

  • Online Entrance Exam will be conducted for Students for Fee Concession.

  • Training and on the Job Training will be provided in Multispecialty Hospitals as well in Government hospitals registration will be done in Employment office.

  • Experienced trainers will be training students.

  • Fee  concession  for SC/ST students

  • Concession for Economically weaker Family Students.

2023 -2024 - ADMISsIONS OPEN 

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